Did you know that electronic circuits work more efficiently on higher power?

The fact is that there is a direct relation between power consumption and sound quality, meaning that preamps that advertise long battery life can never achieve the clarity and performance of a preamp running on higher voltage.

The Pure XLR Mach 2 circuit runs on a “voltage doubler” that provides 18 volts to the internal circuit. It also uses components that are optimized for sound quality and not for low power consumption. The result is that the Pure XLR Mach 2 delivers better high-end response, more harmonics, lower noise, and more head room.

This feature alone would make the new Pure XLR Mach 2 Preamp worthwhile, but we added a few more things that players have asked for:

  • +/- 15dB Parametric band that covers 150Hz to 700Hz with adjustable notch width and full bypass option
  • Tuner output
  • Mute switch output
  • Proprietary K&K high-power three band EQ (bass – mid – treble)
  • Adjustable input gain
  • Phase switch
  • Master volume
  • Simultaneously usable 1/4” line out and balanced XLR – DI output

More information about the Pure XLR Mach 2 Preamp

Artist of the Month

John Cloyd Miller

“K&K Sound pickups are an integral part of my on-stage gear. I have the Pure Mini in my acoustic guitar and a Mandolin Twin Internal in my mandolins. Both deliver excellent sound and allow me to transmit a true acoustic tone to the audience. Also, both pickups are very discreet and non-invasive to the instruments, which is important to me. Thanks, K&K!”


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Dealer of the Month

Thank you to CHAGAR MUSIC in Brooklyn, NY for supporting K&K products!

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