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Silver for the Pure Mini in Other Acoustic Pickup

Gold for the Pure Mini in Other Acoustic Pickup

Bronze for Preamps

The Pure Mini is a 5-star product on Amazon.

"Affordable, Natural Sound"

Meridian Pro Microphone System by Doug Young, Acoustic Guitar, December 2010

"If you play at a modest volume or through a high-quality sound system, you may be able to achieve a more natural sound using an external mic, and the Meridian system offers a flexible and cost-effective solution that is well worth a look. The Meridian Pro system would be ideal for someone who needs a full-featured mixer with EQ, while the basic system would be a good choice if you plan to use the Meridian with a mixer that has EQ. For guitarists who use the K&K Pure Western pickups with the K&K Quantum blender, just adding the microphone would be an excellent way to add more realism to your sound."

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"Awesome, Pure and Simple"

PowerMix Trinity System by Emile Menasché, Guitar World Acoustic, October/November 2005

The K&K PowerMix Trinity System is proof positive that "more is better." Each component of this three-part hybrid pickup/mic rig sounds exceptional and would be very useful on its own. Yet it's the blend which, when mated to a flexible internal preamp, delivers as vivid an amplified acoustic guitar sound as I've heard.

The system consists of a soundhole condenser mic, an under-saddle piezo and -- the star of the show -- the Pure, a three-element body sensor pickup that attaches to the bridge plate inside the guitar. Each has its own volume control, mounted to an unobtrusive housing that sits in the soundhole. Controls for tone are located on a preamp board designed to be mounted inside the guitar and operated by means of a screwdriver.

Although the user has complete freedom to mix the pickups as he sees fit, the Pure is capable of delivering the main body of the guitar's tone all by itself. Its three sensors operate as a unit, with each sensor assigned to capture two strings to deliver full, natural sound.

The Trinity Condenser mic adds size and dimension and detail, giving the tone a 3-D quality. Instead of sitting inside the guitar, subject to resonant peaks and valleys, it resides on a stem. This allows you to point the mic up the soundhole towards the strings, thereby capturing their direct vibrations with minimal reflections from the body.

The FanTaStick piezo adds top end detail and a little of that electric cut you need to stand up to the din of a rock band. In solo situations, its judicious use can add some spice to the tone without making the guitar sound nasal.

The preamp is powerful, though the fact that it's internally mounted means that EQ adjustments on the fly are difficult. On the other hand, K&K is designed to mount without forcing you to perform major surgery on your guitar. Still, this complex system should be installed by a pro.

The K&K PowerMix sets a new standard for acoustic guitar realism. This is a truly professional setup that can cover all the territory you and your guitar are likely to traverse.