Tri-Star Preamp

About the Tri-Star Preamp

The Tri-Star Preamp is a 3-channel, onboard acoustic guitar preamp. Many of our customers have asked for a product like the Tri-Star for years as an ideal complement to our range of best-selling Pure pickups. You asked, we answered: The Tri-Star provides the ultimate in control and tone balance by allowing for individual gain control of the individual transducer heads, plus a 3-band EQ for the overall signal.

The Tri-Star Pro Preamp (pictured in photo #1) adds a master volume control thumb-wheel and a phase switch for optimum tone and best feedback rejection.

To achieve individual gain control, we use one discrete class A operational amplifier/buffer preamp per pickup head. While the channel for the E - A string pickup is set at full range, we progressively add a preset bass-cut to the D-G and B-E channel. At the D-G channel the bass is reduced only slightly below 140 Hz. The B-E channel has a much more dramatic bass cut below 250Hz. As the high strings do not ring at low frequencies at all, this feature provides a very sweet and crystal clear transmission of the high stings that also completely eliminates unwanted pick-attack noise.

The trim-pot settings on the main circuit board can be changed with the supplied screwdriver, if desired.

The Tri-Star is available as an add-on to an existing Pure pickup, or with an integrated Pure pickup. Some soldering is required when adding the Tri-Star Preamp to an existing pickup. We recommend that this installation is performed by a luthier or guitar technician. The Tri-Star + Pure Pickup is pre-soldered.

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