Marimba Amplification System

Our Marimba Amplification System is a custom-made piezo-ceramic audio transducer systems. It consists of 4 collecting rails (e.g. for a 4 1/3 octave marimba) equipped with hangers and volume trimpots for each individual bar. It comes with a set of 56 transducers (one for each bar plus 5 spare) and a Mini Mixer which allows perfect adjustment of the following 3 ranges :a-b/c-b/c-c. Connection cables and mounting hardware is supplied.

This system is also suitable for the xylophone.

All marimba amplification systems are custom made. We build all systems to the exact dimensions of your instrument. Please allow 3-4 weeks between ordering and shipping.

Please see: How to draw a plan for K&K Vibraphone & Marimba Amplification Systems

Marimba Amplification System
Starting at $1899

Price based on 4 1/3 octave Marimba Pickup System, 4-rail type
Please call us at (541) 888-3517 or e-mail theman (at) to begin your order

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