Golden Bullet URB Microphone

About the Golden Bullet URB Microphone

The Golden Bullet URB is a condenser mic for upright bass. This microphone has been designed and purpose-built for the upright bass. We were delighted to work with Bob Gollihur to finalize the selection of this specific unit, which combines great sound with excellent feedback resistance. It is unidirectional to help avoid rumble and undesirable bleed from other instruments.

Amazingly light and small (less than 1 ounce!), it clips to your bridge using a self-adhesive dual-lock fastener. A six-inch gooseneck allows for easy and sturdy positioning.

When ordering the microphone system, you will receive: • The Golden Bullet URB Microphone with 2 feet of wire, high quality 1/4" jack and a special mounting clip that clamps between the A and D strings, between the bridge and tailpiece
• Golden Bullet Preamp with a 1/4" input jack, and either an XLR balanced or 1/4" output (please specify). This preamp provides the 5-volt power the mic requires. The preamp itself can be powered by a 9 volt battery or 12-48 volt phantom power (phantom power only available with XLR output).

You can purchase the Golden Bullet URB Solo without a preamp, but please note that the microphone itself does not include a power supply. Unless you already own a second Golden Bullet System, a dedicated microphone preamp (like the Fishman Blender) is needed. The power supply needs to be 2 wire / 1/4" input stable 5 Volt.

Technical Specs

Frequency Range: 20 - 17,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 7 mV/PA/1 kHz
Maximum SPL: 139 dB
Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
Output: XLR active balanced or 1/4" line level (please specify)
Mic Power Supply: 5-volt through supplied Golden Bullet preamp
Preamp Power Supply: 9-volt battery or 12-48 Volt phantom power (phantom power only available with XLR output)

Golden Bullet URB Mic System (XLR or 1/4") $229

Golden Bullet URB Solo (No Preamp) $158

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