Mission & Values

Our mission is to establish K&K as the premier manufacturer of the highest quality acoustic amplification products in the world while maintaining the highest respect and service to our customers, employees, and community.

All K&K products are designed and manufactured in house, enabling us to quickly react to customer and market needs. Specific requests for customized products are easily met for musicians, dealers, and manufacturers.

Our products are proudly Made in Oregon, USA. We encourage our customers to shop local and we strive to do the same.

A Commitment to the Customer: By Musicians, for Musicians

A lot of customers ask us why the major guitar manufacturers (Martin, Taylor, Gibson, etc.) don't sell models with pre-installed K&K pickups. It's not that we don't get inquiries, but we usually turn them down. The big guitar makers are used to getting rock bottom pricing on the electronics they put into their instruments. When we deal with them, they usually ask for something in the range of 80 percent off the retail price. The bigger pickup manufacturers may meet those prices, but we don't. Why?

1. All our pickups are 100% made in the USA, with American labor

While other pickup manufacturers outsource their labor or part of it to cheap countries, like Mexico or Asia, all our products are assembled and made in Oregon. We pay a fair wage to our employees and we give good benefits. Our techs and assemblers are highly skilled and specifically trained and some of our employees are musicians too, so they appreciate being able to make a living doing something they love.

2. Our pickups are assembled by human beings, not by machines

Having pickups built by machines can save money, but the quality usually suffers when a pickup is designed to be mass produced robotically. We design our pickups so that they sound great, not so that a machine can easily put them together.

3. We don't hike our retail prices to give bigger discounts

The easiest way to allow for 80 percent discounts and still be able to stay in business is to raise the retail price. At K&K, we refuse to pump up our prices like that because we don't want to hurt individual customers.

The guitar manufacturers that we do work with are usually smaller companies with high-end instruments. These luthiers share our passion for great sound, and they don't compromise on their product.

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