• Banjo Twin | Two-transducer system designed to reproduce the true banjo sound with very natural tone quality.


  • Definity System | Compression pickup and preamp for elegant and easy-to-install amplification of a variety of floating bridge instruments.

Which banjo pickup is right for me?

The Banjo Twin is based upon a similar technology as to our award-winning Pure Mini Pickup for guitar, providing a very mic like tone. On open back instruments it is easy to install but on closed back banjos it is more work-intensive. It may dampen the acoustic resonance of the banjo head a tiny little bit.

The Definity Pickup is very easy to install on any banjo, open back or closed back. We found it provides a higher gain-before-feedback than the Banjo Twin but it has a somewhat more "processed" tone quality. It is superlight and flexible and does not affect the acoustic resonance of your banjo head.

Ultimately, it depends on your instrument, your sound preference and the gain before feedback you need.

Sound Samples

This is a demonstration of the Definity System, recorded with a Johnson JB 070 open back 5-string banjo. It is a fingerpicked tune. No thumb- or fingerpicks were used. The Definity system went through the Definity Preamp. EQ was applied inside the Definity Preamp only and reverb was added. The tune is performend by Dietri and recorded in K&K’s recording studio on Cakewalk. Definity Banjo Demo 1

Definity played on a Gold Tone open back banjo by Antoine Berthiaume. Definity Banjo Demo 2

Banjo Twin vs. Definity vs. Studio Mic Comparison
Banjo Pickups Comparison

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